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Wiring a Seep PM1Motor + Signals

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The Gaugemaster PMI Points Motor can be wired in a number of ways to give you different indications or uses.

Point Position Indicators using LED’s
The first circuit shows how the points motor can be used to control signals around a set of points. You will see from the circuit that the LED's are wired opposite to each other so the signal on Green will have the other signal at Red, when the points change both signals will change to the new aspect. You could add a third set of indicators for the panel. Connection would be at points X & Y and the circuit would be the same as in the dotted box, but at the panel. The resister is essential if you are using LED' as they only require between 1 and 2 volts. Please note they are polarised, so the short lead is the negative' and the long lead is the positive'.

If you are using filament lamps you will need to see the drawing below
Filament Lamp Signal Control.

In the next case the signals are using filament lamps so the resistor is not required (bulbs should be 12v) The signals have three wires Red, Green, & Black. Logic does not hold in this case, check each wire, one will be the common negative the others will be the positive for the Red & Green lamps.
With the points in the straight through position you want SL2 Green ON and SLI Red ON, in the Turn out Points Motor position you want the opposite should apply. The section in the dashed box is an example of Points Indication on the control panel Please note if you are using LED's on the panel then you require a resistor on the positive leg of each LED.
The Negative of each LED is connected to the negative supply.