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Model Rail

MR230 Terminal Strip 6 x 3 way

As you are aware all proprietary manufactures supply their products with short lengths of wire which are then connected to your cables. This is either done by using a terminal block or soldering the wires to your cable.
This is an 18 way terminal block which can be broken down into multiples of 3.

Each 3 way section has 3 IN screw terminals, and 3 OUT terminals. The terminals and the board are rated at 10 Amps, so will take wires from lighting circuits that draw very little current to points via a CDU which draw large amounts of current. They can be used as a bank of 18 ways or snapped off so you have a 3 way terminal for point motors or signals, and so on.
There are 4 fixing holes for each 3 way section, or you can us the self adhesive backing.
Each 3 way section is only 18mm x 29.5mm and 15mm high.