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Light House Beacon with Afterglow

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MR357 Light House Beacon Light.
In this project we are using the MR355 Pulse Timer to simulate a Light House Beacon.

1) In the first wiring diagram the High Bright LED is switched ON & OFF by adjusting the two pre-sets on the timer board. The LED is wired to the Normally Open contact of the relay via a 1K resistor.
2) In the second wiring diagram a second dropping resistor is introduced & is connected to the Normally Closed contact of the relay. This gives the effect of the afterglow you often see with lighthouses.

In the above wiring diagram the single High Bright LED is powered via a 1K (Brown, Black, Red) Resistor from the Normally Open contact on the relay. Please note the direction of the pre-sets for longer or shorter times.

In this wiring diagram a second Resistor has been added to the Normally Closed contact to give that after glow effect to the Light.
The Kit Contains:
                                MR355 Timer
                                SL256  3mm Super bright LED
                                RE137  1K Resistor
                                RE145  4K7 Resistor
                                SW380 Sub Miniature ON/OFF Toggle Switch

In all the above circuits we have a second set of contacts that are unused. This could be used to give a repeat
indication back at the control panel if required.